7.03.9 R2faktury for Windows 10


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R2faktury is an advanced software designed to support sales and inventory management. Allows fast invoicing, as well as their settlement. There is a powerful mechanism for data analysis and collection of receivables. R2faktury is ideal for running your own store and display all the necessary documents storage - PZ, MM, GM, RW and PR. Settles payments via bank reports, explores and analyzes your business. Prepares and export bank transfer instructions. While inventory management can take the goods to the warehouse and issue invoices, perform adjustments receptions, check the condition of the magazine, calculate margins and earnings and sales accounted for at cost. The program also issues a VAT invoice, proforma invoices, receipts, income, and e-invoices in PDF format. R2faktury available in the trial version and allows for 60 days of free use. After this period, you will be able to print disabled. PROMOTION on START: If you list your monthly no more than two invoices, 2 VPs and 2 MM, you can use the program free of charge R2faktury. If you do not exceed the limits described, the trial version will work as a full-fledged program, without any time restrictions.